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Redfist's Privateers
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Welcome aboard the Manticore... watch your step!

Gwydion MacBairn, Captain of the Manticore is dead, or at least he is rumoured to be. his Coxswain Erinn O'Keeley is the new Captain, and will surely see into this tale.
The latest... Clinton War 2007 was spectacular... alas we lost an officer in Rhiannon who parted ways with the Manticore, but never to fear, a new officer shall take her place.


Once our Intrepid Captain, Lord Captain Gwydion "The Redfist" MacBairn has gone missing.  No reward is offered, but if you come upon his rotting corpse, or if by chance he is still alive, consider throwing his remains in a shallow hole to protect scavangers from a distasteful meal.

Come meet us at Clinton War, have a drink and tell us tales of how you might have finished this bastard off!

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