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Redfist's Privateers

The Crew

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This is the place to find out who we are. below are the images and a brief description of each crewmember as we get pictures of them.

Lord Gwydion "The Redfist" MacBairn
(missing, assumed dead)

tales abound that the Redfist has fallen! By what manner is unknown, all that is known is that he was last seen riding south to see some friends... and naught has been heard of him since that time.


Marine Lieutenant

Lord Kallin Kaliarnson
(Currently residing in Ravensweir)

Kallin is known by many names, "The Dread Cap'n Binky", "Knotty Kallin", "Pretty-Boy", and many others that we dare not say here... lest the constables recognize a name or two. Kallin is the singer, the lady-bait and the leader of our Marines whenever the Captain buggers off in battle (in other words, the marines are used to listening to him). A big hat, a tankard, and a few ladies on his arms are Kallin's pleasures... that and avoiding anything related to *gasp* honest work.



Lord Otto Von Frikkenmott
(Currently residing in Ravensweir)

Otto...he of many names and little hair. Otto had been a friend of the crew for a looooong time when he finally decided he liked lace, tights and rapiers...we wonder about him all the time. Otto like to watch from afar until the bellydancers arrive, his tankard is drained...or the Captain needs a prop for a trip to the head.
Beware of this quiet, unassuming german... he is to be considered sly and devious in the name of the crew.



Lady Margurite of Erin
(We believe she dwells in Tir Bannog)

A rover, an explorer, a rogue and a warrior... she's our little piece of revenge on ship Drakkar whenever possible.
High in the mountains of the north, Margurite hones her combat skills killing helpless bunny rabbits and slaying bottles of mead.


Scribe/Illuminator/Coffee Goddess

Lady Roweena of Ravensweir
(duh... she lives in Ravensweir)

Do you like coffee in the morning? Do you need a scroll for a special occasion? Do you need someone to B*tch out a peer for you? Lady Roweena is the woman for the job.
Ahhh, those mornings after carousing... ohhh, the pain...mmmm coffee...
Hmmm, apologize to a peer or higher for insulting her guard? You'll need some nice illuminating done...


Ship's Tart

Jocelyn of the Golden Jubblies
(Currently haunting the taverns of Ravensweir)

Naughty, naughty, naughty... the corrupter of many, and we've truly not found a shipboard use for her...but she makes the rest of us look well behaved.
A Thespian, and a tart... like adding flame to a cannon. She spends her spare time practicing her skills on unsuspecting tourists.


The Captain

Lord Erinn O'Keeley
 (Currently residing in Ravensweir)

Now, the newly appointed Captain of the Manticore has his hands full. The Redfist had the reputation of a bastard to keep the crew in line...


The Quartermaster

Honorary Marine Lieutenant

Lady Castra D'or
(Currently travelling like a spastic Gypsy)

Castra is a nasty piece of work on and off the field...but we all love her. Castra is really the leader of the members of Traitor's Gate, but we've decided that we need her to lead our forces on the field when the Captain buggers off in search of glory, and Kallin happens upon a mirror.
Who is Castra? the best way to describe her is "fun". Ever in search of her next adventure, Castra wanders the Kingdom in search of mead, men, and song.



Lord Serrin "The Shadow"
(Currently residing in Ravensweir)

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men... the "Shadow" guesses right occasionally. Serrin is the Captain's bodyguard on the warfield, and protector of the "Thespians".
Quiet, unassuming, occasionally invisible unless the Hangover Cure is needed, Serrin likes the rays of the limelight, but not standing in them (which makes the Captain and Kallin quite happy, because they don't like sharing it).



Ceinwyn "The Banshee"
(apparently she's on her way back to Rammsgard)

Okay, she's not "Ceinwyn" anymore...she'll always be the "Banshee" to us though. Ceinwyn left us to serve a cadet (oh the shame, the shame), but then unexpectantly moved, hooked up with a Wolfpack armoured fighter and now she's coming back to us!
A Thespian, and a skilled fighter, she covers a good piece of the SCA with the different friends and few foes she has... we love her too (especially the men... we like lady fighters...HUZZAH!)



Liam MacGowan
(currently residing in Ravensweir)

He's tough, he's fast, he's skilled... watch yourself in the eric or on the warfield because this viper of a fighter is coming to a shire near you!
Liam hones his skills stalking and hunting rare mushrooms and other fungi whilst whistling sad ballads.


Bilge Rat
(until he returns the Captain's Hat, which he lost in a bet)

Pierre Mainrouge
(currently skulking in Danescombe)

young, apparently skilled with a blade, but yet allowed to prove it, Pierre is the pain in the rear you can't seem to get rid of no matter how much you try. Although, this past Clinton his mouth did do him wrong, and Pierre is currently serving a term of service to the merchant vessel Discordia.
His favoured targets are White Scarves and their ilk, recklessly taunting them and chanting, "Two more years...and you're mine!"
Alix is also the youngest crewmember because the Captain needed a pell pole to practice on.
His skills are most often developed by making nonsensical insults to his shadow.



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