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Redfist's Privateers

Why Do We Even Exist?

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The Manticore is a Mercenary household for those who have a later period personnae in the Society for Creative Anachronisms (SCA), and are preferably rapier combat fighters... although we've never turned away an armoured combatant, because they're pretty amazing in their own right... and you never know when you might need someone handy with a Boar Spear.

Why We Are Mercenaries

The Manticore was formed to allow a few friends rally under one banner on the warfield... then we went to Clinton War. The wonderful folk of Traitor's Gate introduced us to "beer-for-blades", and in a heartbeat we knew that our disorganized, inexperienced, and poorly garbed band could get something out of being nobodies (or "chumps" as one White Scarf referred to us).
Over the last eight Clinton Wars we've rose from the ignominious depths of "chumpdom" to a valued unit. From Fibreglass whips and pink gambesons, to steel and (if I say so myself) natty looking garb. We've seen friends come and go, and those who have departed our ranks are always welcomed into our encampment with open arms.
Our purpose for existing is a simple one. The Manticore is a home for those who are unknown, and need a group of good folk to help them along in the SCA. We cheer our comrades who rise in the ranks, and those that simply "hold the line". We encourage fellowship and goodwill, chivalry and honour, and drink well on the spoils won on the warfield.

Our Mission

To better ourselves and our shipmates both on and off the warfield. We don't fall into the political traps that sometimes creep into the various cliques in the SCA... The Captain is the only fool who deals with politics, and only so the crew never has to (and it has cost a lot of mead at times). We believe in inclusion, not elitism, and believe that united we can be of a benefit to all... not just the crew.

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