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Redfist's Privateers

The Redfist's Ramblings

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This page is dedicated to items of interest to me...The Redfist

This past Clinton, a lot had happened. Young Pierre impressed don Pierce with his wit and encouraged by his own ego, young Pierre got himself into trouble and now finds himself in service to the Discordia for a year... welcome to Clinton War Pierre!
WE LOST! this is the first time in the history of the Manticore that we actually lost on the warfield... but I'm not pointing fingers...Margurite...Kalin... and all the others who weren't there ;-)
I was passed for my Senior Marshal now Pierre has to do a little more reading and he'll be ready to fight.
Serrin kicked some serious posterior and looks like he could be a force in the future.
We took on a new member in Margurie (sp?) but alas, we had to cut adrift our Mistress of Discipline... last we saw she was still cursing us for leaving her with a pistol with no shot...


MY new blades... aren't they just ..well...GREAT? Well whatever YOU think, I love them, and don't forget, you might end up on the business end of be nice.


Okay, this is a better pic of the guard, below is the other side... They're James The Just #54 period guards with TCA TO3 blades.



A full length view of one of my blades. I bought a left, and right handed version so my students could borrow a blade from time to least until they get their own weapons.


My new Main Gauche, or in my case, a Main Droit, It's cool, a lot heavier than my german guard, but finger snipers will have a problem...LOL

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