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Redfist's Privateers

Joining The Crew

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The Manticore is always looking for good folk looking for a safe harbour.

Who Can Join?

We like almost everyone (okay, we tolerate the English). We look for folk who want to improve their knowledge of period combat (we like swords) but you don't have to be a combatant, if you have other period interests that either you can teach, or that we can teach you, you are more than welcome to apply... we appreciate varied interests.

The Joy of Being on the Manticore

You get a cool black sash with red trim that indicates you are of the Manticore's crew... as soon as the Captain can make it for you.

You also get the benefit of a group of folk who want to see you advance, either martially or in the period arts... and some of us are pretty good at what we do.

How Can You Join?

It's very simple... you either have to attend Clinton War, meet the crew (and get along with them), and then ask the gathered mob if you can join our crew. The other option is to contact the Captain, ask to join, and he will find out if any crew members are attending the same event as you will. That crew member will get to know you, and sponsor you for a berth on board.

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