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This passage "gleaned" from the Clan Carn site to give thou, the potential employer an idea of whom thouest may be hiring for whatever deeds thou mayest need mercenaries for. 

Clan Carn was founded over a decade ago at the first Autumn War and is based loosely on the Scottish Clans of the 16th Century and combines elements from both the Highland and Lowland traditions. Our membership is composed primarily of Scots, Irish and Welsh but open to any persona from any period and, and includes Italian, German, English and Norse personas.

We are a war Clan with a force that includes heavies, lights and siege engines. Our fight company is inclusive, meaning that anyone who is of the appropriate age, by SCA rules, and has the inclination to fight is welcome to train and take to the war field with the Clan.

There are many aspects to life in the SCA, war is just one of them. The Clan is involved in a variety of different activities including Rapier Combat, Target Archery, Costuming, Combat Archery, Tournament Fighting and Music.

Armaments: It appears that they have an abundance of both missile and armoured bladesmen, as well as some rapier if thouest needs such.

Website: Clan Carn 

  Contact: Clan Chief - Tim (Tegg)

Comments? Contact Gwydion