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Ship Drakkar... rumours abound of her origin, some tales tell of great battles and deeds done to gain their reputation, and then even others tell of nefarious schemes done on the darkest nights... Whatever the truth, The Dread Highland Corsairs are a force to be reckoned with on the warfield. Vast experience on the list field as well as the warfield, noted bladesmen fill their ranks. Hailing from Lionsdale primarily, the crew of the ship Drakkar are well known and well thought of in their homeland.
Experience: Many wars, many skirmishes, the crew meets as a whole primarily at the Clinton War, but can be found in smaller units throughout AnTir. They have several skilled commanders amongst them as well, Callen and Warwick Drakkar to name but two.
Last Season found them leading the combined mercenary forces of Tir Righ (and the noted snipers of Traitor's Gate)against the combined forces of Lionsgate and Tir Righ at Clinton War... Out-skilled individually...yes... The comments from their defeated foes were as often praising as condemning... but in the end, numbers meant little, and it was the teamwork inspired by Drakkar that won the day.
There are some individuals in Drakkar, but all seek the victory above personal fame, a fellowship of war in the heart of AnTir.
Armaments: Drakkar's red warshields are famous for they surely indicate that if you're facing're in trouble. Some muskets, some pistols...and of course the now famous Drakkar cannon... and who knows what they shall bring this year.
Numbers: unknown, but rumoured to be about 10 carded (and very skilled) bladesmen.

Contact: First Lieutenant Callen Drakkar 



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