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Traitor's Gate, home to the best musketeers in AnTir.

Traitor's Gate, home to a variety of mercenaries under the command of Lt. Jack Silver. Their reputation as skilled shots with an abundance of armaments is well noted. Can they be trusted to stay hired? Well I'm sure that depends not only on the quality of payment, but also on the reputation of the patron.
Experience: Their numbers vary from year to year, but their experience in war remains at an elite level. Lt. Silver has an uncanny ability to get the most out of a small force, and the charisma (or possibly blackmail) to rally his "infiltrators" for many conflicts.
Lt. Silver and his companions are well known for their shooting, and it was their deftness of shot, along with their coolness under siege that allowed them and their mercenary allies to take the war point for Rapier last Clinton War.
The Traitor's fight as a team, and individually, although encouraged by their leader, is unknown on the warfield...except perhaps a *snork* or two from Humphrey Pennyworth as he dispatches another target with his musket.
Armaments: Organized, efficient, aggressive... and an abundance of firearms that is the envy of all AnTir, the forces of Traitor's gate are armed for all forms of conflict.
Numbers: Unknown, but ranging from 4 to 10 able combatants depending on how many of his infiltrators Lt. Silver can contact.

Web Address: Traitor's Gate 


Until Jack sends me a device/banner...well, this will have to do.

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