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Formed in AS 36, the Manticore is a shiphold focused on rapier combat.

The crew are members of several northern shires (the southernmost currently being Danescombe), and usually meet en masse at the Clinton War, where the crew also welcomes new members to the force by vote of the ship's company.
Experience: The Manticore has been part of several wars, and most of their crew have been part of at least two conflicts. The crew trains in melee tactics, and some study period formations (and how they can be applied to small forces on an SCA warfield).
Their most recent exploit was to join with the mercenary forces of Ship Drakkar, Traitor's Gate, and Blackthorn's Brigade and defeat the combined forces of Lionsgate and Tir Righ at Clinton War.
The Manticore forces are a skilled "team" . Individual prowess is noted by the crew, but their concern is the end result, and not personal glory (except their Captain possibly, who has been known to break ranks to seek out targets once combat has closed to blades... the crew IS trying to cure him of that though).
Armaments: primarily blades, but some firearms are surfacing, as well as a rumour of a possible cannon.
Numbers: currently 11 carded fighters, and 3 training.

Website: The Manticore 


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